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Pathlab is pleased to announce the availability of molecular oncology testing.


    Please send a completed request form stating which test you require.
    Please clearly indicate your EDI and email address so that we can get the result to you promptly.
    Send a copy of the request form to molecular.testing@pathlab.co.nz AND to the originating laboratory so that they may send the block to us for testing.
    Pass on information of billing to the patient.

Click HERE for the request form.

    If the cost of this test is not covered by your DHB, refer 'PATIENT PAYMENT' on the form.
    Please ensure prompt payment to avoid delays in testing.
    Payment options are via credit card or direct banking - details at the bottom of the form.

Click HERE for the request form.

We currently offer:

PDL1 immunohistochemistry for immunotherapy 
MSI immunohistochemistry for immunotherapy
EGFR (plasma) mutation testing including T790M
KRAS mutation testing
NRAS mutation testing
BRAF mutation testing

NRAS / BRAF / EGFR mutuation testing
All RAS testing

• All requests excluding Plasma EGFR - Formalin fixed paraffin tissue block(s) with sufficient tumour cells for testing.
• Plasma EGFR - Minimum of 15mls blood in EDTA tubes.

For more information please contact molecular.testing@pathlab.co.nz

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