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Domicilliary services (home visits)

Pathlab is able to provide a home visit Phlebotomy Service to housebound patients or where there is a clinical need.

Read details below on how the house call service operates.  If you have a patient who requires a house call, please contact
    Pathlab Waikato (07) 858 0795 ext 6809
    Pathlab Bay of Plenty (07) 578 7073 ext 6511
    Pathlab Rotorua (07) 348 7361
    Pathlab Taupo (07) 376 5103

Home visits are available Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays, between 8.00am and 5.00pm.

Guidelines for house calls
  • The request for a Phlebotomy home visit must be made by the referring medical practitioner or their authorised representative (e.g. a senior practice nurse)
  • The patient is housebound or has seriously impaired mobility due to a medical condition
  • The patient is physically or mentally impaired and has no support person to transport them to our collection rooms
  • We will accept requests for a house call up to a maximum of 2 weeks in advance. Requests for a weekend home visit must be approved by a Pathlab pathologist. Home visits are not made after hours unless authorised by a pathologist. The patient’s doctor must also be present.

House call management

Geographical regions
Routine visits are grouped into geographical areas and allocated certain days of the week. Visits outside scheduled days will be made for urgent requests where these are clinically indicated. They must be confirmed as urgent by the requesting doctor. Troponin and D-Dimer tests will be made as soon as possible. Other tests will be prioritised following discussion with the requesting doctor/practice nurse.

Rest homes
Rest homes are allocated certain days of the week for routine Domiciliary visits in consultation with rest home staff. Extra visits may be possible if tests are required urgently. Pathlab will ask the requesting medical practitioner or practice nurse to confirm the urgent status of the request. When our staff visit patients at rest homes, we request that a staff member is available to support the phlebotomists. This assists with patient identification and for the safety of both the residents and our staff members.

In order to help us prioritise visits, please inform our staff of any special requirements for a patient (e.g. fasting patients or medication being withheld). Ensure the patient is also made aware of these requirements.

Discontinuation of domicillary services
A change in patient circumstance enabling a collection room visit or if a patient is repeatedly not home at the time of our visits, Pathlab reserves the right to discontinue the domicillary service. A calling card will be left for patients not home, advising them to contact their medical practitioner for further advice. Additionally, the referring practioner will be notified if a patient no longer meets the criteria for our domicillary services.

Courier pick up 
Pathlab has its own courier network.

  • Our couriers visit our collection rooms and main hubs regularly to pick up specimens and get them promptly to our testing laboratory
  • We have controlled environments during transit to ensure specimen integrity is maintained to the best possible level.

We can also arrange an Urgent sample pick-ups service for any critical tests. Contact our Courier departments to arrange this:
    Pathlab Waikato (07) 858 0795 ext 6844
    Pathlab Bay of Plenty (07) 578 7073 ext 6721
    Pathlab Rotorua (07) 349 7907
    Pathlab Taupo (027) 405 7298

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